Monday, January 11, 2010

So, I'm in Numbers, and I am reading along and the Israelites are still complaining and whining.  Then God comes on the scene, and later he is talking to Aaron.  Now, I know Aaron is a Levite, and they are not to gather land or anything.  But God says something the Aaron that spoke volumes to me today.  In Numbers 18:20, he tells Aaron, You won't get any inheritance in land, nt so much as a small gift of ground:  I am your plot of ground.  I am your inheritance.

Did you get that?  I am your plot of ground, I am your inheritance.  Even back then, God wants dependence on Him.  Even back then, he wants us not to worry or scheme or fret.  He is our plot of ground.  He is our inheritance.

That has resonated in me all day.  We are not far from the Israelites.  We whine, we grumble, we wish for what was when our current situation isn't what we think it should be.  Even when what was was worse than what is.  God hears it all.  He hears us wishing for what we don't have.  And He wants us to recognize that He is our plot of ground, our inheritance.  Be satisfied in Him.  Be content with what He has given us for this time.  He wants to be all that we need, He is all that we need, we just refuse to recognize it.

Lord, help me remember that You are my plot of ground, You are my inheritance.

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