Friday, January 22, 2010

I lost my dad 17 years ago.  I was 21.  I miss him more now than I did then.  I miss that he would have been gaga over my kids.  He would have been the best grandfather.  I miss that my kids never knew him, only of him.  I miss that my mom has been alone all these years, and we are now getting ready to deal with something that my dad would have been a huge source of strength through.  I miss that he is missing my better days.  I was such a self-absorbed person back then.  I miss the advice I know he would give me.  I miss that he hasn't seen my marriage and life grow to what it is today.  I miss that I didn't get to see what Christ was going to do in his life.  I would have loved to see him serve in the church.   There are days that he just springs to my mind and tears cloud my eyes, and I just miss him.

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  1. Hugs to you! I haven't lost a parent or sibling, but this Christmas season was 20 years since my Grandpa died. We were close and I miss him. Hugs, Kendra