Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti.  It's on everyone's mind and blog today.  We can't fathom the devastation, in a country already struggling so much, and now this.  For many reasons, this resonates within me:
1.  Our church started a church in St. Ard
2.  We have been to Haiti numerous times on medical missions, to care for the orphans, to help them build a bakery, to worship with them, serve them.
3.  We had a team that was supposed to go again on the 22nd.
4.  Barb and Darren adopted sweet Moise 2 years ago, after a 3 year wait.  The change in him has been phenomenal.
5.  Rousseau's whole family is still there, he has not heard from them.
6.  Junior and Gethro's whole family is still there.  Their dad, Pastor Jean Marie, is the pastor of the church we started.  They are all fine, but the road to St. Ard is destroyed.
7.  Wendy's family is there.  He has not heard from them.
8.  Phil's brother and his family died in the earthquake, along with several uncles and other family members.  He and Debby's daughter Beth was in Port Au Prince during the earthquake.  Amazingly, she escaped with just cuts and bruises.
9.  Sweet Sis. Phyllis, giving her life to the orphans there.  She is fine, as are the kids, the building sustained some damage.  

With all of this, what will happen to Haiti?  How will any supplies get to St. Ard and the like when the roads are demolished?  Where will all of those people live?  How will Haiti recover?  Will Haiti recover?  I do not have the answers to any of these questions.  But the God I serve is not surprised by what happened in Haiti on Tuesday.  The God I serve is fully capable of bringing people together to rebuild Haiti, possibly better than it was before.   So as I sit here, heart breaking at what is going on, I have to rest in the knowledge that my God is able.

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