Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm on Day 35 of the 90 Days Through the Bible.  I am reading things I had never read before.  I am reading things that I have read before, but getting a whole new perspective on things.  Recently I had a conversation with someone that was less than encouraging.  There was a difference of opinion in the air.  It was all handled like children of God, yet the differing view was there.  It was regarding an issue which should not be an issue.  And it was all about how we should deal with it.  What steps we should take to "fix" the problem.  The discussion ended, we all went home.  And then I started reading.  And here is what was smacking me in the face:  And Joshua prayed to God.....and Samuel prayed....and Jehoshaphat asked God for guidance...King Hezekiah responded by praying, calling up to heaven...

All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks.  This situation is no surprise to God!!  He has perfectly ordained every day!  He has called us here, with this set of leadership and with this set of people with this particular set of issues.  HE KNOWS!!!  All He waits for us to do is call upon Him.  I am sure He was sitting up there shaking His head as we debated the possible solutions, pros and cons, outcomes.  He already knows how He is going to work this out!! 

Why do we waste time trying to figure things out on our own?  Why not immediately look to the One who knew what was going to come up and knows how it will all end?  I am challenged to humble myself, not thinking that I have all the answers or need to be in control of something, and just lay it at His feet.  Surrender it to my heavenly Father, who knows and cares.  It is all about Him, and in His time, it will all work out to His glory.  I don't need to worry or consume myself with things that I have absolutely no control over, I need to let prayer be my first action and my first reaction.

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